A Comprehensive Guide to Contracts of Employment

Normally a full day, but can be adapted to half a day to cover the essentials.

Contracts of employment remain at the heart of the employment relationship. Getting the contract right at the start is essential. But business needs change, so contracts need to include flexibility at the outset, as they may need to be varied. How do you go about varying a contract whilst avoiding the legal pitfalls?

This workshop provides you with a sound understanding of the legal background from a very practical perspective. There is special emphasis on how to amend and vary contracts, as Businesses need to adapt to rapidly changing pressures. Plenty of interaction and case study work is involved.

Course Overview

What is a Contract? Who needs one – what does the law say? How does it link to policies in a Company Handbook? How and when can you change key terms and conditions of employment? What if your employees do not accept the proposed changes? Can you impose the changes? When is it appropriate to terminate the contract and offer re-engagement on changed terms? Consultation requirements and Trade Unions. How and when can you harmonise contract terms across the business? What about TUPE?

Typical Full Day Course Content

Contracts of employment – the basics

The employment process

Contracts – the legal context

Changing contract terms

Special cases