Section Four


On the lighter side……….?

Employment trivia!

Not enough to do – so I’ll sue!

A Parisian manager of a perfume business is suing his employer …. for not having enough to do  – as this caused him to suffer from depression! He is seeking around £280,000 in damages because he was so bored at work. (People Management magazine.)

A solicitor dies and goes to Heaven. 
That in itself must be truly remarkable, but he was obviously good to his granny. At the pearly gates St Peter stands waiting for him. “There must be some mistake,” the solicitor argues. “I’m too young to die. I’m only 55. I’m good for another 25 years employment.”

“55?” says Saint Peter. “No, that’s not right. According to our calculations, you’re at least 82.”

“How’d you get that?” the solicitor asks.

St. Peter replied: “We added up your time sheets. The number of hours you invoiced your clients is the proof that you’re definitely at least 82”
[Thanks to Kate Russell for this one!].

He’ll cop it
Italian police officer Alberto Muraglia has attracted much comment after film was posted of him clocking in for work dressed only in his underpants. He would then go back to his nearby flat to have a lie in! He has been arrested and faces dismissal.

Caring manager?

An 18 year old barmaid was informed that the baby she was carrying had no heartbeat and she needed a termination. When she told her boss at the Hollybush Pub in Herts, he sent a text dismissing her saying that she would not be in the right frame of mind for work! He said she had let him down before and thought he had been very lenient with her. He did add he was sorry about her sad news though, so that makes it better.

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