kateKate Russell, BA, Barrister, MA

Kate Russell is an employment law and HR expert, public speaker and author who has become known as the HR headmistress.

Having come from an operations role, worked in HR and training, then gone back to operations (as a business owner who happens to run an HR consultancy), she can see problems from all viewpoints and takes an unusually robust and pragmatic approach to HR.
“HR’s function should add value to an organisation. It’s a business role in exactly the same way as finance and IT. HR should facilitate organisational performance, mentor and coach managers to ensure that employees are achieving optimum performance (too often HR ends up doing this work for them).”

Kate’s enthusiasm and evident enjoyment of employment law make her a sought after trainer; the unusual combination of legal background, direct line management experience and HR skills, enables her to present the stringent requirements of the law balanced against the realities of working life, seasoned with a narrative style and sharp sense of humour. She is a senior presenter for several companies and a popular public speaker.

Kate has written numerous articles and a number of books, including How to Get Top Marks in… Managing Poor Work Performance (2010); How to Get Top Marks in … Tackling Workplace Investigations (2011) and her blog was voted third best in UK in 2011. In 2012 she created The Essential Tool Kits for Trainers.

Kate is frequently featured in national and industry media for her expert knowledge and opinions on HR and employment related subjects. She has guested as Metro newspaper’s HR columnist and has been quoted in the FT, The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Guardian, HRzone and Businesszone, as well as numerous management and HR journals and webzines.

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