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Employment Law

July 2017. Tribunal Fees – the biggest victory in the history of Employment Law??

Supreme Court supports Unison challenge – tribunal fees now abolished with immediate effect.

Questions to be answered include:

January 2017

The big talking point recently has been the cases involving Uber taxi drivers and City Sprint (cycle couriers). Both cases are about employment status – with the Companies saying the arrangements are for self employed individuals, but the courts deciding that they are in fact employing workers – which brings certain employment rights, perhaps most significantly holiday pay. With a reported 30,000 Uber drivers in the London area alone this has huge implications and the decision has been appealed.

April 2016

Grandparents Rights to Leave

It has been on the cards for a while! You won’t have missed the headline that the Government is planning to extend shared parental leave to include grandparents. For those who find themselves answering questions about it, here are some important ‘small print’ points missed off most of the press reports:-

the Government will consult on the details during the first half of 2016.