Employment Law Training Ltd. Employment Law News and Review Spring/ Summer 2014

A practical look at Employment Law as it affects UK Businesses, written in plain English with an HR perspective.

This Review is written twice a year, timed to match the Government’s aim to introduce employment legislation each April and October.

Employment Law can be a heavy topic, but we approach it with a light touch, at least we try to!

This review has four sections:


Section One – Employment Legislation (Timetable for the Next Twelve Months)

This section looks at the most recent legislation that has been introduced. There is so much, it can be easy to miss something when you are immersed in other projects. We also look ahead at what is on the horizon, but we will not speculate, as we prefer to wait until the facts are clearer.


Section Two – The Law in More Detail

This section takes a more detailed look at a small number of important legal issues which could be affecting your business now – perhaps a new piece of legislation, changes to existing legislation, even a significant court decision.

This newsletter looks at the new ACAS Conciliation service, plus a short article on the changes to the Flexible Working rules


Section Three – Case Law Update – Significant decisions from the Courts

This section will take a look at recent decisions from the Tribunals and Courts. Again, the focus will be on cases that have a direct relevance to Businesses and Organisations, not those that tend to get Lawyers excited! Importantly we also spell out the implications for you, the Employer, in simple terms.

A new element to this section – Court Shorts – provides very brief descriptions of some recent tribunal decisions of interest!


Section Four – On the Lighter side…?

A look at some of the funnier, unusual or bizarre items of news on the employment front and there have been some gems recently!